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Summer training

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by PaulB
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We hope you all are able to enjoy a summer break a some some point.
At the moment we have no closure dates to announce, therefore we would like to see all that can to keep up their training whenever possible and maintain the high standards required. Remember no club cannot exist without the attendance and support of it’s members and Cherry Leaf is no exception.
Don’t forget a true martial artist strives to become a better person not a better fighter, therefore do your upmost to become that better person and earn the respect of others.

Keep checking back for updates.

Sensei Paul


Posted on: July 1st, 2012 by PaulB
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A meeting was held today 1st July 2012 at the WJJF HQ in Fazakerley.  The outcome of the meeting was that plans are being made to make some changes within the Federation which should benefit us all as members, and the WJJF as a whole.  The changes will take some some time to put into place, however we as a club will endevour to keep you up-todate.   In the meantime we will continue to build upon, the high standards that the Cherry Leaf Club has maintained over many years, and we hope that you as members will continue with your support by your hard work and attendance, and be proud of what you do and achieve, for as members of the Cherry Leaf Club you are a member of the oldest martial arts club in Oldham.

Remember you are members of a club and an organisation, that is prepared to listen to your concerns therefore if you have any please come and discuss with you Sensei’s